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“Ask no donors before their time!”

-Jerry Panas

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35 years if nonprofit experience in top leadership and board positions

Our Mission

Linder and Associates Consulting was formed to help companies find solutions to their need for finances.  Founder and President, Doug Linder has 35 years of experience in top leadership roles of small and larger nonprofits.  He are passionate about helping board and staff leaders make a difference in their communities.   Developing relationships with all his clients is his primary goal.  Trust and responsibility are essential to the business/client relationship and Doug and his team will do everything they can to do more than they promise.  

Our Vision


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do.  We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of our business.  We strive to be good citizens, we take responsibility for our actions, and we will do what we say we will do.


We will be responsible for our actions and for remaining focused on the long-term best interests of our clients.  We will act responsibly as a company.  We will be active members of the community–giving back 10% of our net profit to worthy causes.


We are in business to make a profit for us and for our clients, and yes, it is okay (better than okay) for nonprofits to have a year- end profit.  Profit is the means by which we sustain growth, provide superior service, and provide us the opportunity to give back to the community.


We believe in an omniscient God that loves us.  He is our source of joy and of our commitment to our clients, associates, and our community.

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What We Do

Questions We Frequently Ask our Clients


How many board members do you have?

These questions help me understand the structure of the nonprofit and how much focus is placed on the board.


How engaged is the board?

Knowing how the ED and/or the Board Chair feels about the board’s involvement gives me insight into possible areas where I can help.


What are your pain points?

This question always reveals areas where I can provide solutions.


Can I have a copy of your Bylaws?

I typically find that:

  1. That some people running the nonprofit don’t understand the purpose of their bylaws.
  2. They are not following the bylaws in the operation of their nonprofit.
  3. I am able to make suggestions to improve the bylaws and as well as the organization’s adherence to them.


How efficient are board meetings?

If board meetings are long, boring, or nonproductive, I can help.


How many board members do your bylaws allow?

These questions help me understand the structure of the nonprofit and how much focus is placed on the board.

Colby M.
I was introduced to Doug Linder by a mutual acquaintance. He submitted a proposal and our board agreed to bring him on as an interim executive Director. From his first day, it was obvious Doug brought a great deal of experience to our organization. He put structure to our board meetings, guidance to our staff, and put systems in place to enable us to recruit board members that helped us grow stronger and more committed to our mission. I highly recommend Doug in an interim of consulting role to help any nonprofit get back on track.
Richard C.
Doug came along after we had set up our nonprofit. He has helped us realign our bylaws, organize and recruit new board members that have invigorated our organization, and continues to provide assistance consulting and taking care of many of the behind-the-scenes tasks and issues. Relying on his expertise, we as a board can stay focused on the organization and our purpose. I highly recommend Doug Linder as a consultant to any nonprofit that is struggling and wants to move forward.
Jim B.
Doug was invaluable in helping me set up and register my nonprofit organization. He provided essential documents I needed to get started, and then provided guidance at our board meetings. I highly recommend Doug for anyone on anyone leading a nonprofit!
Daryl S.
As I took on my first Executive Director role, I had the opportunity to have Doug Linder assigned to me as a mentor. Doug was great about providing insight and in connecting me to others in the region. Out of this connection, we developed a mutually beneficial friendship with the opportunity to learn and grow together. I found Doug to be a creative and decisive leader. His insight and tenacity served the Champaign YMCA well as he sought to bring this organization to new levels of service in the community.
Walt M.
Doug Linder has worked directly and indirectly with many organizations in the Tampa Bay Area that I was involved with as well. I’ve seen him in action providing ideas and advice to local groups while being totally immersed in working with his non-profit clients and as the Director at St Pete PAL he gave additional time to several other local organizations such as the ACS Relay For Life campaign, as a Director on the Board of the Social Enterprise Alliance Tampa Chapter and the Tampa Bay Research Institute. I highly recommend Doug he is the consummate professional and can be counted on to either make things happen.

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